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Mercedes-Benz W211 E-Class

Mercedes-Benz W211 E-Class

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GhostLinks Lowering Links for the Mercedes-Benz W211 E-Class Sedan

YEAR 2003-09
MAKE Mercedes-Benz

This set consists of two links (please see Note). For vehicles with Airmatic suspension.

Note about the Mercedes-Benz W211 E-Class and our lowering application: The W211 E-Class has only 3 ride height position sensors. The vehicle has only one rear sensor and linkage. Our W211 E-Class set consists of only front links.

We chose to NOT make an adjustable linkage for the rear for two main reasons: 1) We found that it is easier to adjust the bracket holding the linkage OR adjust the bracket holding the sensor THAN it was to remove, adjust and then install a new linkage. And 2) by selling only the front linkages, we were able to offer our W211 E-Class set for a lower price.

As far as lowering the rear is concerned, the tight space above the differential where the sensor and linkage are located make removal and adjustment of a linkage quite difficult. While the adjustment of the linkage bracket is not easy, it is much less frustrating. Those that desire an 'easy' method can opt for the less elegant but equally effective method of adjusting the sensor bracket. Instructions for both methods for the rear and instructions for the front links are included with the set. We also include a shim for the alternate 'easy' rear method. We recommend professional installation.

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